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Use any measurement you like, Daughtry has almost single-handedly given the hard rock genre back its heart. With signature ache and poise, the North Carolina native blends each of his hard-won attributes into a rousing mosaic for the ages. The DAUGHTRY album is also forging unprecedented sales and chart breakthroughs - affirming there is still gold to be mined with a rugged voice and passionate songwriting instincts.

Chris always understood the secret of his connection with his fans was widening the circle surrounding his music no matter what medium of transfer. Whether he was interpreting other artists’ material or his own, his razor-sharp instincts told him the right band could take such a bond to even greater heights. Chris knew he had to commit to an intense audition process right from the start, determined to achieve that crucial bond between members. He zeroed in on the interpersonal chemistry and musical compatibility of the guys who would eventually eat, sleep and breathe DAUGHTRY 24/7. Bassist Josh Paul from LA, drummer Joey Barnes from North Carolina, guitarist Brian Craddock from Virginia, and guitarist Josh Steely from San Diego all complement and calibrate the front man, embodying the kind of seasoned give-and-take not usually associated with a new band.

The DAUGHTRY album is forging unprecedented sales and chart breakthroughs. In just a few months of release, the celebrated disc has leaped more milestones faster and further than any rock debut in recent memory. Anointed as the quickest selling rock debut in Soundscan history, DAUGHTRY became the #1 top selling album in the country not once, but twice, after debuting at #2 in November, 2006, moving upwards of 300,000 copies in the first week alone.

Daughtry’s double-platinum debut has hovered in the Top 5 of the Billboard Top 200 Albums since its release, the first album since the 2006 phenomenon High School Musical soundtrack to log more than 9 weeks among the Top 3 albums, and the first rock band to achieve such a streak in the first 15 weeks of release since Creed in 2002. Daughtry is also the first rock band release in nearly 20 years - since Bon Jovi’s 1988 classic New Jersey - to hit the top spot after debuting below #1.

Furthermore, Daughtry has seamlessly engrained itself in the digital domain, pulling in over one million page views per week to their artist site, with their album remaining a Top 10 staple on iTunes since its release. The debut single “Its Not Over,” has conquered every digital, mobile, radio and video platform imaginable, parking at or near the top of every major music industry metric including #1s on the Adult Top 40 chart, on the Hot AC chart, and the Billboard Top Singles chart. The video reigned at the top of VH1’s enormously popular Top 20 Countdown show for two months running, as well as garnering most played status on MTV.

This concert premieres on PBS January 31, 2008 (check local listings)

Soundstage welcomes three-time American Music Award winner Daughtry to its stage at the WTTW Grainger Studio in Chicago. Formed by American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry in 2006, this band is a recipe for success. Daughtry, their self-titled release, was listed as the fastest-selling rock debut in Soundscan history. Truly revitalizing the rock genre, Daughtry’s triple-platinum album features Chris’ rugged voice and the band’s heavy, polished sound. On this episode of Soundstage, Daughtry performs fan favorites with passionate intensity, including rock gems “It’s Not Over” and “What I Want,” power ballads “Feels Like Tonight” and “Home” and many more you won’t want to miss.