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The Fray

The Fray





Inspired lyrics and piano driven melodies are what attribute to the success of The Fray’s most recent album – The Fray. Released in February of 2009, The Fray immediately shot to number 1 and received Gold status in the US. Formed in Colorado in 2002 it took little time for the band to gain international success with their album, How to Save a Life, which not only won 3 Billboard awards, but also contributed to their double platinum achievement by the Recording Industry of America, and platinum status in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

Although the band has gone through member changes throughout the years, the fundamental concept of piano led pop-rock tunes and modern ballads such as, “Over My Head (Cable Car)” and “You Found Me,” have driven the success of The Fray forward. Since The Fray, the band has released their third live album, The Fray: Live from ShHo, with includes a cover of the song “Heartless,” by Kanye West. They have also collaborated with acclaimed producer Timbaland on his album entitled, Shock Value 2, which made it onto Billboard Hot 100. Kicking off a new year, 2010 brings The Fray two more Grammy nominations, the honor of performing at the nightly victory ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and an Australian tour beginning in March.


This concert premieres on PBS January 28, 2010
(check local listings)

The Fray packs a punch with an emotion-filled performance featuring songs from 2005’s How to Save A Life and their eponymous 2009 album The Fray. Singer Isaac Slade leads an expressive set, always connecting with the audience, as he belts out hits including “Never Say Never,” “How To Save A Life,” “You Found Me” and “Cable Car.”