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With Who We Are, Lifehouse singer-songwriter Jason Wade—along with drummer Rick Woolstenhulme and bassist Bryce Soderberg—gets back to the basics of what made him first form the band while still a teenager in suburban California. With all their radio airplay, multi-platinum sales and awards, Lifehouse is still intent on raising the bar, which makes Who We Are a revelation both musically and lyrically.

“Since Bryce joined, this really has grown into a unit with its own personality and style,” says Wade. “We established camaraderie on the road and gelled as a unit. This record defines ‘Who We Are,’ which is why that’s the title. The sound fits where we’re at right now.”

Lifehouse gained considerable success with the release of their 2000 debut, No Name Face. Featuring “Hanging By A Moment,” a #1 alternative hit which crossed over to become Top 40’s Most Played Song, the album went multi-platinum and cemented their place in the music scene. Their self-titled 2005 album also went platinum and yielded “You and Me,” a hit ballad that spent a record breaking 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

This concert premieres on PBS January 24, 2008 (check local listings)

Chart topping is an understatement for pop-rock band Lifehouse. Since their first album, Lifehouse has appeared on Billboard and Top 40 Charts numerous times. Best known for their top single “Hanging by a Moment,” and ballad “You and Me,” which spent a record 60 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, Lifehouse has gone back to the basics with Who We Are. Jason Wade’s lyrics address a diverse range of topics audiences can relate with and melodies they can rock to. Lifehouse’s performance on Soundstage includes the aforementioned hits and Who We Are’s twangy lead single “First Time.”