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Premiered July, 2004

This episode features the eclectic, dynamic and wonderful Peter Wolf who is best known for his years fronting the J. Geils Band. Wolf's delivery is high velocity all the way with songs including: "Growin' Pain," "Long Way Back Again," "Nothing But The Wheel," "Long Line," "Homework," "Believe in Me," "Sleepless," "Cry One More Time," "All Torn Up" and "Waiting on The Moon." Wolf recently scored a record within Rolling Stone's list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" with his solo release, "Sleepless." Throughout the evening, his soundscape washes through the audience and locks them into a syncopated, pulsating rhythm. His effervescent energy parallels performers half his age. His soulful vocals and rollicking persona culminate in a performance not to be missed.

Singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley introduces audiences to her debut album To Whom It May Concern in an introspective, candid and compelling Soundstage performance. Songs "Better Beware," "SOB," "To Whom It May Concern," and "Indifferent" reveal the very modest, human side of Presley and hint at the weight she has carried as heiress to the family legacy. Elvis' daughter does reveal some resemblances. She seems to simply turn her head a certain way, or move her hips at precisely the right moment and the audience is stunned to a hush. But it's the music that they came to hear - confessional, aching and dark - which carries Presley's sometimes shy, but more often seductive performance.