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Premiered July, 2003

Three-time Grammy winner Lucinda Williams reveals her lyrical sensuality, heart-wrenching honesty and incisive songwriting in this Soundstage performance. Throughout the evening, Lucinda seems to tap into her soul, pulling out a range of emotions, from heartache to triumph, from lust to anguish -- all from her latest album “World Without Tears.” The album, like its architect, is a blend of several elements, namely country, blues and folk. In it, Lucinda demonstrates her craft as a weaver of words; a poet, like her father, Miller Williams. Lucinda’s musical influences include Bob Dylan, Hank Williams and Joan Baez. She is also influenced by the varied places she has lived. As the daughter of Miller, a literature professor, Lucinda had a transient childhood. The family moved as Miller accepted positions at colleges across the American South like Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, and even abroad in Mexico City and Santiago, Chile. Lucinda began playing guitar at age 12, and by her early 20’s she was performing in public.

Sharing a special Soundstage show with Lucinda is the Australian singing and songwriting sensation, Kasey Chambers. Kasey represents the new generation of Australia's roots-driven country-rock crossover artists. Her universal songs are featured on the albums "The Captain" and "Barricades & Brickwalls;" both of which won her multi-platinum success in Australia. In this evening with Soundstage, Kasey features "Changed the Locks" and "If I Were You." The artist, who comes from a musical family in the Australian outback, was 12 years old when she first saw Lucinda perform at a Roseanne Cash concert. Recalling the experience, she said, “… I just was blown away. I had never heard music like that in my life. And it was at that point I started writing songs. (Lucinda) was my hero. Still is.”

This Soundstage previews an evening of not just emotive lyrics and sublime sets, but also a union of two singer-songwriters who, in raising the water mark for their fellow artists, have placed themselves at the forefront of the country-rock music scene.