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New York Dolls parts 1 and 2
New York Dolls performing
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Premieres February 1, 2007

This concert premieres on PBS February 1, 2007 (check local listings)

The New York Dolls are one of the most influential bands still around. Creating punk rock before the genre had a name, the group officially broke up in 1977. But in 2004 Morrissey, who was a huge fan, asked the group to perform. They reunited to a rousing reception. The New York Dolls story lives on as the group released its third studio album, One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This in 2006.

The Dolls’ invigorating Soundstage performance is a celebration of punk’s roots. From its rousing cover of Bo Diddley’s “Pills” to new revved-up tunes such as the R&B-infused “Take a Good Look at My Good Looks” and the fueled “Gimme Love & Turn on the Light,” it’s a triumphant return to form. The band’s classics, including “Personality Crisis” and “Jet Boy” are true gems.