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OneRepublic’s first single, “Apologize,” which was remixed by Timbaland, was in the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 for ten consecutive weeks, rocketing all the way to 2. The song has sold two million legal downloads, maintained its 1 position on the Top 40 chart for two months, and entered the history books by shattering the record for the most spins at radio in just one week with over 10,000 spins. All of which adds up to one of the most eagerly-anticipated CDs of the year- Dreaming Out Loud – OneRepublic’s Mosley Music Group/Interscope debut.

While OneRepublic might be the first rock band on Mosley Music group, it isn’t the first time that OneRepublic’s frontman, Ryan Tedder, and Timbaland’s paths have crossed. In 2001, Tedder was living in Nashville and nabbed a record deal for winning a singer-songwriter contest on MTV.

Thanks to a mutual friend, Tedder got a call from Timbaland, who wanted him to come work with him. Taken under the A-list producer’s wing, Tedder was given the opportunity to get behind the boards in state-of-the-art studios from Miami to NY to LA; “It was a dream come true.” Despite the invaluable education, it was clear that while Tedder wanted to become an artist, his mentor wanted to develop Tedder as a producer.

After two years, and with Timbaland’s blessing, Tedder returned to Colorado Springs, where he had spent his senior year in high school, and recruited classmate and guitarist Zach Filkins. The Iowa-born Filkins had spent his formative years, from 7 to 15, in Barcelona, Spain, where he intensely studied classical guitar. Though they went their separate ways after graduation-- they kept in touch.

When they reunited, they moved to L.A., recruited a few more members and started collaborating, gaining a new sound with the band's most recent addition. Brent Kutzle played bass in hardcore and pop punk bands, but also played the cello since the fourth grade. Using effects such as delay, reverb and looping, Kutzle transformed the sound of the cello for a rock band.

Meanwhile, working under the nom de plume “Alias,” Tedder racked up production/songwriter credits for artists ranging from techno star Paul Oakenfold, pop/R&B singers Leona Lewis and Natasha Bedingfield, and rapper Bubba Sparxxx. In fact, just this past year, Tedder penned and produced three international 1’s, a top 10, and two top 40’s, including Jennifer Lopez’s Top 20 banger, “Do It Well.”

Soon enough, the labels came knocking, including Timbaland with his Mosley Music Group label. Everything came full circle when Tim brought OneRepublic into the Mosley Music Group family, making them the first rock band on his label, and executive-producing Dreaming Out Loud.

This concert premieres on PBS June 25, 2009
(check local listings)

Grammy-nominated OneRepublic displays boundless energy throughout this episode of Soundstage while offering up rousing performances of hit singles “Apologize,” “Stop and Stare,” “Say (All I Need)” and “Mercy.” Catch a perfect blend of pop and rock on other featured tracks from their debut CD Dreaming Out Loud, along with a fantastic version of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.”