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Premiered October, 2003

Peter Cetera and Amy Grant are reunited in this moving production of Soundstage. Both celebrated artists have extensive histories, which include a number one duet together "The Next Time I Fall" from 1986.

Amy Grant broke into the music industry some twenty-five years ago as a gospel-singing bright-eyed teen from Nashville, and since has undergone a personal and musical metamorphosis. Creating a major foothold for herself in the beginning of Christian rock as a genre, Amy has overstepped boundaries she created and merged into mainstream. After returning from a six year hiatus, she comes full circle with an accomplished mix from both her past and present.

Labeled as everything from adult contemporary to R&B and pop, Peter Cetera pleases all audiences. The Chicago native began his solo career in music in 1985 after leaving the legendary band Chicago. Throughout the years, and numerous releases, he has worked with many acclaimed musicians such as Amy Grant, Cher, Madonna, Chaka Khan, Crystal Bernard, and many others. His music has been heard in many major motion pictures, earned him oscar nominations and grammy awards. His harmonious, tear evoking voice has brought him long time success.