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Premiered June, 2004

Sheryl Crow Part 1: With her passionate voice and hearty riffs, this music teacher turned rock icon reminds the rest of us to look inside and lighten up with hits including "Soak Up The Sun," "Everyday is a Winding Road" and an exuberant cover of "Peace, Love and Understanding." Crow's two part Soundstage performance is also a look back at the classics that catapulted her career from the snappy "All I Wanna Do," to the whispery swan song "Strong Enough," to one of her earliest releases "Leaving Las Vegas."

All three hits helped comprose her debut Tuesday Night Music Club, which garnered Grammy honors for Best New Artist, Best Female Rock Vocal, and Record of the year in 1994. Later favorites featured in the set include "Safe and Sound," from the White Oleander soundtrack, "You're an Original" and "Members Only" off the Globe Sessions.

Sheryl Crow Part 2: Since breaking into the musicindustry in the early 80's, singer-songwriter Crow has gone on to multi-platinum success, while bending the bounds of modern pop-rock. In the second half of her two-part Soundstage, Crow gets down to rootsy, classic rock with "Steve McQueen" and "Sweet Rosalyn." She also includes the moody "If It Makes You Happy" and "My Favorite Mistake."

Sheryl's near hushed performance in "I Shall Believe" pays tribute to the eloquence and depth carried in her voice--a voice and talent that have won her nine Grammy's since 1994. "Let's Get Free" highlights the artist's perennial theme of having fun, while "Redemption Day" and "Home" prove that although she varies her style from blues to country to rock - she will always remain true to her socially conscious, introspective self.