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Mercury Nashville’s super duo, Sugarland, spent the month of February ‘08 in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia making Love On The Inside. After touring, and then a month of what they called cleaning their palates, they brought session musicians and award–winning co–producer Byron Gallimore down to Atlanta’s legendary Southern Tracks Studio (Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam) to finesse and record the songs they’d written while on the road supporting their last album Enjoy the Ride.

Since Sugarland’s popularity has been igniting the genre since their debut, Nettles and Bush feel blessed to be able to bring some fresher notes to country radio. Getting comfortable, and writing the same songs over and over, is just not what the duo is about. So here, you may find a ballad that has Nettles playing the part of a mature widow or a teenager who’s tragically lost her first love. This music literally builds characters around Bush’s landscapes and Nettles’ powerful vocals.

These songs and stories come from brainstorms with both Nashville veterans and rookies. ”Joey“ was co–written with the legendary Bill Anderson, while Bobby Pinson (“Want To”) helped pen four of the tunes including the first single “All I Want to Do.” And just like on Enjoy the Ride, Nettles and Bush wrote every song on this album.

Songwriting is one of Sugarland’s callings. At the 2008 Academy of Country Music Awards, the duo was honored with the “Song and Single of the Year” for “Stay.” Nettles made history that night by being the only female artist to have solo–written the ACM “Song Of The Year.” Their shelves are now full of countless awards and number one singles since 2004 when they leapt onto the country scene with Twice the Speed of Life and its debut single “Baby Girl.”

It has been a joyful four years for Nettles and Bush. They’ve managed to seamlessly blend bits of the sounds they love, the sounds that inspired them to become fans of music, into their latest album.

This concert premieres on PBS July 2, 2009
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Jennifer Nettles’ voice can hold its own in any setting, but exceeds expectations alongside partner Kristian Bush’s mandolin strumming at the Grainger Studio. During this sensational hour, Sugarland presents a versatile set that gains momentum with each song. “Joey” is heartbreakingly sincere, “Everyday America” reveals strong, twangy vocals while broken-down acoustics give “Stay” a more traditional country sound. Their forte is to effortlessly transition from energetic pop songs to heartfelt, soulful ballads without skipping a beat. The dynamic duo also present older classics like “Baby Girl” and even venture into covers of R.E.M to pay homage to shared Atlanta roots during their set.