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KT Tunstall
KT Tunstall performing
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Premieres July, 2006

This concert premieres on PBS July 27, 2006 (check local listings)

The Scottish-bred KT Tunstall may have a diminutive frame, but she packs a wallop with her big voice, which slides from earthy alto, soulful charm to bluesy grit, often in one song. Her stunning debut, Eye to the Telescope, offers catchy songs alongside touching ballads, with musical influences touching upon blues, country and gritty rock.

KT’s Soundstage appearance features selections from her debut, along with new songs “Dirty Water” and “One Day.” Gems include her newest singe “Suddenly I See,” “Black Horse” with all its infectious sing-along “woo hoos” and catchy handclaps, the earthy alto of “Other Side Of The World,” the soulful grit of “Miniature Disasters” and the noir country flavorings of “Through The Dark.”