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Umphrey's McGee

Umphrey's McGee





Founded in 1997 in the shadows of the Golden Dome of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, Umphrey’s McGee soon made Chicago home base, and set their sights on becoming one of the premier live acts in today’s touring circuit. Over the course of the last ten years, the band has headlined festivals such as Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, and continues to sell out shows in the nation’s premier venues coast to coast. They have toured Europe multiple times and performed at Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival in 2006. As their sound evolves with every passing show, their live concerts continue to be in high demand by their hungry fan base.

Consisting of Brendan Bayliss (guitar, vocals), Jake Cinninger (guitar, synthesizers, vocals), Joel Cummins (keyboards, vocals), Andy Farag (percussion), Kris Myers (drums, vocals), and Ryan Stasik (bass), Umphrey's McGee enters its second decade together with their hardest, darkest, and most artistically cohesive album to date.

A long-time-coming labor of love as well as an inspiring affirmation of musical brotherhood, Mantis is Umphrey's first fully fleshed-out studio statement since 2006's Safety in Numbers, which was followed by 2007's odds-and-sods collection The Bottom Half and the double live album Live at Murat.

Mantis is the first Umphrey's album to consist entirely of material never previously performed on the road, where the band rules the improv-rock circuit and plays more than 100 shows each year.

This concert premieres on PBS February 5, 2009
(check local listings)

Legendary on the jam band circuit, Chicago-based Umphrey’s McGee has perfected the art of progressive improvisation. Swirling guitars and innovative multi-faceted arrangements keep fans on their toes. With power and finesse, this sextet brings jamming to a new level during this episode of Soundstage. A flair for spontaneity, dazzling musicianship, and an impressive live presence make Umphrey’s McGee a must-see as they perform “Higgins,” "Morning Song," and many others.