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The Wallflowers
Jakob Dylan strumming guitar
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Premieres July, 2005

This concert premiers on PBS July 21, 2005 (check local listings)

Jakob Dylan and his band The Wallflowers made their mark in the world of the mid ‘90s. Their roots-rock revival style first came to fruition in 1992 with a self-titled debut. But it was their sophomore album, 1996’s Bringing Down the Horse that solidified their sound and brought us the alternative radio hits “6th Avenue Heartache,” “The Difference” and the Grammy-winning “One Headlight.” Since that breakout record, the band has recorded three other albums, including the recently released Rebel, Sweetheart.

Jakob, son of the legendary Bob Dylan, is influenced by his father’s folk roots which is more evident in the lyrics than the band’s musical style. The Wallflowers’ Soundstage performance showcases Jakob’s fine songwriting skills, especially midway through the set when the band takes a break and Jakob takes the stage with his acoustic guitar. Highlights include all of their hits along with songs from Rebel, Sweetheart, like “We’re Already There” and new single, “The Beautiful Side of Somewhere.”