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Lee Ann Womack and Julie Roberts
Lee Ann Womack performing
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Premieres February, 2007

This concert premieres on PBS February 8, 2007 (check local listings)

Two-time Grammy winner Lee Ann Womack’s Soundstage performance spans music from her 1997 platinum-selling eponymous debut through 2005’s There’s More Where That Came From. From “Never, Never Again” to “I Hope You Dance,” a song dedicated to her two daughters, Womack delivers a compelling performance sure to please fans and newcomers alike.

Joining Lee Ann Womack on Soundstage is special guest Julie Roberts. Roberts, who began singing at a young age, was discovered inadvertently by her boss, Luke Lewis, at Mercury records while Roberts was working as a receptionist. Julie performs classic country hits such as ‘When Will I Be Loved’ as well as her hit “Smile.”