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Accidental Hero
"Accidental Hero: Toom 408 is one teacher's story..."

About the Film

America’s embattled public education system provides kindling for numerous negative news stories — school shootings, drugs, gang violence. ACCIDENTAL HERO a new documentary from award-winning filmmakers Terri DeBono and Steve Rosen, provides a powerful exception to those stereotypes. Following a San Francisco East Bay public high school teacher and his class for over two years, the film tells the story of Tommie Lindsey, an extraordinary man who is changing lives by introducing his students to a little known academic sport called “forensics.” ACCIDENTAL HERO has important messages about the tremendous potential that young people from diverse backgrounds can realize when they are given the support of good teachers and ample educational tools.

Accidental Hero plunges the viewer into a San Francisco East Bay multi-racial high school classroom where the focus of these teenagers is winning…bringing home a state championship in a little known academic sport called “forensics”. The art of public speaking and oral interpretation is changing their lives, and Tommie Lindsey, their powerful African-American coach, is proving it. By allowing students to draw on their cultural backgrounds… sometimes pent up pain or anger… Tommie channels emotions positively into spellbinding performances. This robust teacher creates champions and inspires dreams to happen. The audience experiences the process… from classroom to state championship.

Where did the title, Accidental Hero, come from?
Tommie Lindsey grew up in an Oakland neighborhood, and his family wasn't well off. His clothes were old and in pretty bad shape. A teacher took him to Sears and bought him a pair of jeans and some shirts. As he tells it, "That's why I'm in the profession."
Tommie didn't set out to be a hero to hundreds of kids. But, he has a rare vision, "I believe in the kids that others believe just can't do it. If these kids can do it, anyone can!"

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