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Speaking Spells Success

Children are our future leaders who need to be able to communicate and exchange ideas clearly. They need to be able to present these ideas to others in a persuasive manner in order to be active citizens and effectively participate in society.

Do you know...

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James Logan parents speak out Testimonials
Gloria Harris"My son, James, is lucky. I wish I had had this class when I was going to school. I am very shy… very shy. If I had taken forensics, I think I would have become the doctor that I wanted to be….because it gives you confidence and self-esteem to proceed. These kids are invincible. They are so sure of themselves. They will go anywhere now and can do anything." Debate and forensics gives disadvantaged children a chance to succeed.
"My high school debate department included several Hispanic and Asian students from families with working class backgrounds. One of my partners came from a family of ten from Mexico. Two family members, due to state awards in debate and forensics, received full-paid scholarships to Stanford and Harvard."

Debra Gramespacher, TRW Contractor
Department of Defense

Forensics and debate produces world leaders.
"The analytical and public speaking lessons I learned from forensics in high school helped me a great deal in college, in law school, and in my profession. In particular, my work as a lawyer frequently requires analyzing and debating a variety of different issues, from a variety of different perspectives, and debate and forensics of course provide a unique, interesting, and effective way of teaching those skills. I should emphasize, in this regard, that I had a great coach, Mr. Norman Murray, at Clovis High School in Clovis, California."

Don S. Clark, Attorney

Forensics teaches you real world situations.
"Competing in speech in high school gave me the confidence and the ability to succeed in the job world by allowing me to know how to communicate and speak in a public setting and present myself in a professional manner. Without speech, I do not think I would be where I am today. I hope that many generations keep this activity alive for decades to come."

Terry Rubin, Producer, Newshour with Jim Lehrer

Forensics helps with college admissions.
"College admissions directors are relying less on grade point averages and standardized test scores and are relying more on success in academically related extracurricular activities such as speech and debate as well as drama."

Excerpt from "Forensics and College Admissions" by
Professor Minh A. Luong, Yale University

Evelyn Munoz"I don't think the program is promoted as much as it should be as another option for kids. It needs to be promoted. I would like to see more Latinos in forensics. I like it when Amber rehearses. When I go to the tournaments, I do look to see in the other schools how many Latinos are in this. It's a good feeling to see them. Cause you think…"All right! They're going to go forth… go on to college."

William Reykalin"There are some real success stories with this program. There have been kids in this program who were bored… frustrated… were starting to go in the wrong direction, and then they got passionate about the program. It turned their life around, and all of a sudden they became very focused… became B and A students.
As a parent, one of the rewarding aspects of Tommie's program is to watch kids graduate from high school, go on to college and then come back to help out in the program. These are the very same C and D students whose lives were going "south!"

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