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  • A fascinating evenhanded portrait of a people determined to exist in a world of their own making.

    - Dave Kehr, New York Daily News

    Illuminating...lucid...revealing...surprisingly tender.

    - Janet Maslin, New York Times

    **** Stunning... Beautifully shot, Startlingly intimate...

    - Michael Medved, New York Post

    Entertaining...Deeply moving.

    - Elie Wiesel

    Immensely important...revelatory, exciting and hugely challenging.

    - Tony Kushner

    A luminous work.

    -Cynthia Ozick

    A lovely, sensitive film...a delight to watch and listen to. This is a joyous movie that will afford all people enormous pleasure.

    -Ed Koch, Dan's Paper

    Intriguing...intelligent, cogent.

    - Variety

    The directors have arrived at a miraculous way to tell the tale of American Chassids, so that virtually every image shimmers with ambiguity.

    - The Boston Phoenix


    *** Consistently intriguing...A Life Apart is an important and respectful examination of religious faith, as emotion-stirring as it is challenging.

    - The Boston Globe


    A fascinating documentary which offers a unique glimpse into this closed society.

    - The Philadelphia Inquirer


    Filmmakers Daum and Rudavsky use a respectful tone and a deceptively straightforward style (think Les Blank goes to Brooklyn) for this documentary...the picture that emerges is an oddly seductive one, weaving beautiful and mysterious music with some warm family scenes and at least a couple of truly mesmerizing moments.

    - San Francisco Bay Guardian


    An irreplaceable historical document, as well as a powerful work of art.

    - H.R. Moody


    Intelligent...poignant...eloquent and appealing.

    - The Jewish Week



    - David Margolick, New York Times



    - David Denby, New York Magazine


    A hit.

    - J. Hoberman, The Village Voice


    A tantalizing puzzle.

    - Sarah Schmerler, Time Out


    Articulate and intelligent...sympathetic but not sentimental...sheds a piercing light on a cloistered universe.

    - The Jerusalem Report


    Extraordinary...a very Jewish film...a very American saga.

    - Sanford Pinsker, The Jewish World


    A must for all Jews and even the non-Jewish world...celebrates the freedom of America.

    -Marvin Greisman, The Jewish Press.


    A Life Apart is part novelty, part scholarship, and wholly fascinating.

    - Michael Elkin, The Jewish Exponent


    **** Often spellbinding...told with intensity as well as humor.

    - EdSymkus, The Tab.


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