2901 Elm St at Malcom X Blvd.
Dana S.
Cody Hudson

From thousands of submissions, 8 American Portrait stories were brought to life by muralists translating the words of everyday people to communities across America. In Dallas, we collaborated with artist Cody Hudson to create a mural inspired by the story of Dana S.

Cody was inspired to create this mural by Dana’s sentiment of “hope”.

“I chose hand cut out paper letters that spell out a bold expression of hope with two flowers popping up. They represent the hopeful feeling you have planting flowers and gardens and seeing them bloom later in the season.”

— Cody Hudson

See The Story That Inspired The Mural.

Most days I feel…
Most days I feel hopeful. A tenant of happiness is hope. Hope is a feeling like we have a bridge between where we are and where we are headed. When we look across to see where we are going next, and it doesn't have to be a forever bridge, or the big goals bridge, it can just be the next step between where we are and where we are headed. Then we are light, joyful, kind, patient and present. We are the better versions of ourselves. On the reverse, when we feel there is chasm between where we stand and where we're headed, we are frustrated, angry, sad and miss guided. Happiness is a result of hope in our lives.

Look Behind the Scenes.

Meet the Mural Artist, Cody Hudson.

Cody Hudson is a Chicago based artist, also known for his graphic design contributions under the name Struggle Inc. His graphic work and paintings have been exhibited throughout the US, Europe and Japan including the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), V1 (Copenhagen), Hellerau Art Center (Dresden), MU (Eindoven), Joshua Liner (New York) and Andrew Rafacz (Chicago).  Hudson is also a partner in the James Beard award winning restaurant group Land and Sea Dept.

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