American Stories. American Artists.

PBS American Portrait presents three groundbreaking public art projects. Inspired by stories shared on this site, as well as the unique individual and community narratives of the artists, each piece seeks to expand the reach of American Portrait, offering new perspectives on the journeys that brought us here and the paths that lie before us.

The PBS mission has always been grounded in empathy, understanding and community. At this unique moment in history, when we’re all urgently seeking to find connection with others and address complex issues around race, immigration and inclusion, it’s especially important to engage many voices, giving everyone the opportunity to share their story.

Through sculpture, portraiture, community engagement and performance, these projects reflect on what we learn from our history, what we honor in our heritage, and what we build as our legacy. All three pieces reflect on what we carry with us and what we leave behind.

Meet the Artists.

Stories shared on this site capture a glimpse into people’s lives across the country