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My American story started when…
My American story started when I was 11 years old. My father was in jailin Cincinnati, OH for protesting police brutality. At that time Cointelpro was in full affect. While he was in jail the police came after our family and evicted us from our apt. When the knocked on the door and said we had to leave my mom said we had no where to go. At that time we had a big German Shepherd named Missy. Dad had given it to us a couple of years earlier. I had Missy on a leash and I wasn't going to let them in. She was barking and growling loud and the police threatened to shoot her. Mom told me to put her away and I did. The police came in and mom said we had no where to go. The police hit her on the head with the billy club knocking her to the ground. He jumped on her and I jumped on him hitting him repeatedly. The cop on my mom told the other cop to shoot me and my mom pleaded with him not to and told me to stop and I stopped. My mom was arrested and we were evicted. The next memory was all of our raggedy furniture in the snow. My younger brother and I went to live with my aunt and the rest of the family was split up. A few months after that my father was released from the Civil War era jail (that was built for Confederate POW's). He was killed because of his radicalism.
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