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I never expected…
I never expected to live in West Virginia. So now to be living here as like a Yankee from Boston, it's pretty magical. It's beyond a hidden gem and I hate to even say that that loud. I have been very impressed by everyone of my neighbors, all of the people in this community. We have such strong community support. You don't feel that in the cities in quite the same way. I think there's a huge difference between the mindset of people living in the city and living in the country. And I think we frame that in our public conversation as a problem. And I don't believe that. I really strongly believe that it is just the world you grow up and the world you experience that shapes who you are. That's why I'm a musician, that's why I've dedicated my life to the arts. So that we know how to listen to someone else's music, even if it doesn't sound like our own.