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My American story started when…
My American story started when I realized that there are not many years remaining in my life.. Let me start by telling you I'm 91 years old, a survivor of WWII and Viet Nam and a disabled veteran But that is not my concern, that's past. About four years ago, they told me I had Parkinson and could no longer drive my car. How do you get to the doctor, to the store, or to just go for a ride without a drivers license? Fortunately, Fairfax County has a driver program, called Shepherd Center, that will provide a driver to take you to the doctors office, wait for you and then take you home. The only qualification is you must be over 55. I call these drivers my angels. Everything was progressing nicely until February 2020 when my wife of 71 years passed away. This was about the time of the coronavirus. Suddenly, my life was changed. We were asked to wear masks, and avoid crowds. The church mass scheduled f or my wife was cancelled and her burial at Arlington National Cemetery was restricted to ten attendees. A women with thousands of volunteer hours and she was restricted to ten attendees at her burial. The manager at the Shepherd Center told me that many of the drivers, mostly retirees over 55, dtopped driving because of the fear of the virus. Today, Dr. Fauci proclaimed the virus is like a perfect storm and may never disappear. The children are being denied returning to school where they will not only fall further behind in learning but social relationship where they learn the joy of helping others. As for me I've lived through the polio epidemic in the 30s, two wars, and several cyclones at sea and now I'm home-bound waiting my turn. I can't help but wonder what the United States of America will be like years in the future. The young people have now respect for the elder, our country and our Flag. Will they be the volunteers of tomorrow? The WWII generation grew-up too fast, developed too many things out of necessity. and felt ashamed so we gave our children what we didn't have, like every generation. As for me, I think I'll make a Lebanon Bologna sandwich and watch Sean Hannity.
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