My American story started when…
Discretion Advised, Mature Content.
My American story started when I was 4 and attacked by 3 people in town. I told my professional parents, who spanked me and said I was a ‘snitch’. I lost my toilet training and soon quit piano lessons. the family became abusive. I reported it repeatedly but was told it was ‘just domestic violence’. the divorce courts wanted the family to pay for college. they objected and said they wanted me labeled ‘property of the state’. they began campaigning. I was eventually trashed for decades by the mental health system, who eventually said I did not deserve medical care, that they wanted my breasts cut off, and that I don’t deserve reproduction and such. I was falsely accused of prostitution, and for example when I broke a finger the splint was delayed 2 and a half months. I restarted piano at about age 50, with a scholarship.