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My American dream…
My American dream is to be a Las Vegas showgirl or President of the United States. During student orientation, I talk about dreams, desires, goals, and the realism of reaching them. To begin the thinking process, I tell my students, that I have two dreams. The first is being a Las Vegas showgirl. The second is to be the President of the United States. There is always a giggle from the group. Then I ask why they laughed. For many of my students, their only dream or goal is to survive. A brave soul will answer, probably President because I'm too old for a showgirl. (I am 67, but I think 26.) My dreams are dashed for a moment. Seeing the hurt, another student says, "But don't give up your dream of being a showgirl. My real dream is to work to help people reach their dreams and goals.
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