My American dream…
My American dream is that every parent has to get along, no matter what race, creed or even lifestyles are different than mine. I was raised by a single mom and was bullied most of my life for my past as well as my weight. if I were to meet a new person in my life it took an act of Congress for my mom to get used to them. still does. I used to watch Sesame Street until I had my twins, but now that I sometimes cook for an elderly husband of 17 years, I try to school myself through art as well as cooking. I thank the gang at PBS for changing most of my beliefs but I'm still old school in a lot of ways. I look up to their sister station Create for my ideas, thanks to my daughter. Now that I'm a grandmother of a wonderful big boy I'm here to tell you that voting does change people. it changed us a lot.
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