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I was raised to believe…
I was raised to believe in God. I am one of those guys, who was a dreamer and I believe in God, so God gave me a vision and I believe in teaching people about the beauty and the uses of natural products in everyday life. My parents wanted me to be basically the best person that I could be. They encouraged me to find something that I like and then do it to the best of my ability. A days work for me is always about preparation. I plan it and the I follow through. I do my best to give them the highest quality of products that I can produce. I was raised to believe in God, in Matthew it talks about have it done on earth as it is in heaven. So I call myself a kingdom creative. This is a God dreamed company and I give God all of His honor on it. And i try to be as creative and practical as much as possible to make sure that I take care of myself and anybody else that is associated with me.
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