I never expected…
I never expected my life to turn out as it did. I was born in Brooklyn NY and was a lousy student in school. I was pulled out of an engineering HS because I couldn’t add X and Y. Tried again in college with the same result. switch to accounting because I could add 2+2. At 21 I left school and joined the army, Vietnam was just ending and I always wanted to work on a RR. Did it for the Army for a year and a half until they eliminated it. asked to become a Chaplins Assistant so I could go to the training back in NY and ended up there for the rest of my first tour. Went into the USAR and over the next 17 yrs did another active tour and retired in 94 as a CW3. mean time I worked for the fed as a civilian becoming a senior network eng and retiring as a GS14.
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