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My American story started when…
My American story started when I was a child and loved Native American Indian culture. In 1976 when I was 21 I was in the Sierra Nevada in California. I was walking alone when up the trail I saw a bear off to the distance a little. I turned to run and wanted to run all the way back to LA . I didn't think I'd make it so I stood still and quiet. I have a friend on high the Lord told me and that is what I am to call him the Lord said. He is a hero and former Navy Seal. I dream of a children's Art Gallery for refugees along the Rio Grande. My friend on high told me "the moon in heaven is by the light of the moon". I have a favorite recipe. pouring 100% orange juice no sugar added on a salad is awesome. I had no greens left at the end. I wrote to the NIH because gargling with Listerine STOPPED a cough more than once.
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