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You don’t know what it’s like to…
You don’t know what it’s like to have accepted a job that leads to a new career - uprooting your family from the place they've called home & moving one thousand plus miles away from family. Six months later just before my birthday we were asked to social distance and avoid travel. My 2 daughters (one 18 months and one 4 years old) too comfortable seeing their grandparents and cousins on the phone screen. They are in Miami, a hot spot. What are you feeding them? Are you speaking in espanol to them? They need to understand us when we visit - after all this. Si. While there isn't a huge latin culture presence in this area we've managed to keep small things like flavors of home alive. More so than if I were back in Florida with access to "just buy it". I made empanadas for the first time - and second.