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At this point in my life…
At this point in my life I am in a second marriage. I’ve been married ten years, the same length of time as my first marriage. 10 years married, 10 years single, 10 years married. I have three of my own children ages 25-28, my oldest child is transgender. my stepchildren range in ages from 22-25. I raised my children as a single mother with a graduate degree, never making more than $60,000/ year. all three children earned Bachelor’s degrees, none makes more than $19/ hour. My youngest is married and decided to join the Air Force to make ends meet. their life is much more difficult than mine was at their age. I wish I could help them more. we are very close but they don’t seem to need me anymore. they are independent, they want to make it on their own. I hope they can. student loan debt makes it impossible.
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