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My greatest challenge is…
My greatest challenge is My own mind.
As a person who lives with Bipolar-Depression with manic episodes.I more than often have a hard time getting threw the day. I have to try and pull myself out of a sad, mad or overall chaotic state. I have the hardest time making and keeping friends. I often lash out for no reason, and even fight with myself.
My very own mind is my greatest enemy.
For someone like me, When I feel happy, my mind brings back up negative thoughts or memories to make me unhappy again. I am in a constant state of distress. I want to be happy, I want to feel like I matter. I do not want to feel like I an just another person with a medical problem. I want so many things in life, yet I know I'll never get those things because of me, and my complicated mind.
I just want to be okay.