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My life right now…
My life right now at 74, with no living primary family and no children, is empty but mostly happy, A paradox, I know. Until I had learned through raw data in 23andme that I had the longest double strands of the RGS2 gene (called the Shy gene) that I suddenly felt normal Through the years I had been rejected by people I really loved because I couldn’t attend a party they hosted. I would have a beautiful new dress hanging on a hook in my bdrm, complete with chosen shoes, a matching purse ,but I JUST COULDN’T GO.
No one ever would have believed I was “shy”, being often hysterically funny in a small group of beloved friends; but given the choice between meeting a group of strangers or a gunshot wound to the head, I would have chosen death.
Now the world has joined me in my natural lifestyle. Covid 19