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To me, work means…
To me, work means giving back. I feel so blessed in my life, having being given a great number of opportunities. I grew up in a middle class family. There was always food on the table, we got the things we wanted and enjoyed family vacations. I realized though that not everyone had those same opportunities. Through our work, I see so many in our world who struggle to meet their very basic needs. It is up to all of us to do what we can to help and support our neighbors. Food is a basic need and each day that I come to work, I am able to help someone provide for themselves and their families. I get to share in giving them the dignity they deserve and I get to see the joy on their faces as their food need is met. Hunger and food insecurity is right in our own communities, it is experienced by our neighbors and friends. Helping others is what we all should do and I am the lucky one who gets to do it every day.