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I was raised to believe…
I was raised to believe that I am alive for a reason. That as long as I am breathing, I need to be growing and achieving. I was the eldest son of a Ojibwe Indian father and a Ukrainian immigrant mother, who split when I was 4. I took the place as man of the family. I was taught to read and write before kindergarten, which I ended up skipping. I skipped third grade as well. I was raised to believe that in order for a dream to be caught, a dream must chased. It must be understood. It must be lived. I graduated high school at 16 with my associate's degree, and college with my bachelor's right after turning 18. I then served a two year mission for my Church, which strengthened my belief and allowed me to serve people who were different than me. Now at 23 I still chase my dream of being an artist, slowly but surely.
Family, Work, Faith