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Looking ahead, I…
Looking ahead, I hope people lean from mistakes of the past. It’s hard to believe that a lmost everyone believes that “Maturity comes with age!”. While that might be true in some situations, it’s not like that in reality. Everyone matures at their own pace; really, it just depends on what you’ve been though and how messed up the world. My generation, Gen Z, matured in the snap of a finger. We were thrusted into a world of chaos. We grew up in an aftermath of violence. This created more problems on top of the old nes.. However, this is where we flip the script. Instead of ignoring problems like so many others have done, we took the bull by the horns and attacked our problems. We are still solving problems. It’s not going to be solved overnight. We need all the help we can get. So, are you going to join us?
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