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At this point in my life…
At this point in my life I am trying to hold onto who I am. In January I moved to a brand new city on my own. I was slowly finding my footing, when the pandemic hit. I lost out on work, and I was hesitant to seek in person work because of the virus. As I sat in my apartment, feeling depressed, I realized how much of my self worth and identity had become tied to having a job and income, and that's not who I am at my core. So I started getting back into the things that make me happy. I started cooking again, trying new delicious vegan recipes. I started making miniature furniture, and building fairy houses as a long distance activity with my mom over Zoom. I even found time to practice my dance moves. In this difficult and unpredictable time, I will continue to look for the things that bring light back into my life.
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