What keeps me up at night is…
What keeps me up at night is Millennial interviewing me and seen an old lady!
"When you are busy surviving there is no time to dream." Someone once said that. It was the first thing that came to my mind today when someone, a person I do not know told me: "you should think what do you want to do with your future (career-wise) I kindly responded: "Yes, I know. That is something I should have tough of 20 years ago." But you see, 20 years ago I became a widow (at 25) with a one year old baby that turned out to be autistic. Destiny gave me another daughter some years later who turned out to be epileptic before she was one. So, you see, for some of us, degrees and ambitions in terms of careers are not a priority and is not in our radars when it should have been. I was too busy surviving