At this point in my life…
At this point in my life I'm facing getting older as a gay man having had HIV/AIDS for over 35 years. One who's lost so many friends, seen a devastating epidemic driven by a disease that's being held at bay, but far from cured. I never thought I'd be the one that was still here. How do I even speak to my own story, much less all the voices we've lost. It's colored every aspect of my life, career, relationships, any plans for an elusive future, but as a writer and poet its tough to express all this. Have people just moved on. Do I need to move on? Even given all this, being overwhelmed, fighting chronic depression, I have to believe that life is still a wonderful gift, that the most precious thing is human interaction, and that as much we may need help, we can never forget we always have the power to help others.
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