What keeps me up at night is…
What keeps me up at night is the uncertainty of the affect my life will ha ve on those I love. I am 30 years old, and live with somewhere around 20 diseases. it is hard, and will shoulder on, but that doesnt mean that my life and the affects that my health will have on those around me is hugely profound.. I'm going to be super real here, trigger warning about death.. but not only do I worry about the deterioration of my body, but I found my dad after he passed.. 6 days after to be honest.. and I just worry that may be within someone I loves future. I try not to give it a lot of time honestly. but when I worry for my partners future mental health, the ptsd that the American medical system *sometimes I do get it, some weird off the wall things with my body...*its given me and a possible repeat of my past for them.
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