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My American dream…
My American dream was to Get Married, Have Kids and Be A Writer. Three almost-husbands, one almost-kid and a few job lay-offs later, I’m wondering if that was my dream or what my American life told me to dream. It began unraveling when I lost the first guy pre-altar due to a hurricane-caused series of unfortunate events. #2 moved across the country after 9/11 changed his career. No. 3 was run off by a sudden bout of common sense. The dream kids went out the window with the dream husband. Then I became a single mom to a foster child who filled the mama hole in my heart for a few years until he left. While I didn’t land head writer at National Geographic, work in teaching and writing has been good enough. My American dream now is gentler, less thing-y. I want to live in peace, be kind and have purpose
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