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At this point in my life…
At this point in my life I can look back at years gone by, stay present in the moment or ponder the future. Most of the time I stay present in the moment. I am a woman 73 years of age, daughter, sister, mother of two, grandmother of three, once a wife twice divorced, one ex-husband one ex-wife. I've had many career incarnations teacher, homemaker, professional speaker, counselor with victims of violent crime, most of my years after 40 spent in some kind of criminal justice related work with the private sector and the State of California. Interesting jobs, challenging jobs. Retired now, I give my time to the American Association of University Women and my neighborhood. I've moved so much my roots are shallow. Since divorce, it's just me now in a condo near my son's family. Life has been good to me, I know.
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