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Looking ahead, I…
Looking ahead, I see . . . questions.
How do I care for my mother as her Frontal Lobe disorder worsens and takes more of her ability to make choices, to enjoy life, to be her? Will my daughter be able to find a job after college that pays her a liveable wage, that allows her to pay off student loans? Will she find a job that she loves?
Will there still be rain forests in the Amazon or living vibrant coral reefs to swim over?
Will the world be safe for anyone? Do refugee children continue to drown in the sea? Do immigrants have a path to safety?
Will some of my dreams come true?? Will my heart find love again? Will I make it to Alaska?
When my time comes to leave this earth, will I be at peace and ready to go?
Will I have had my questions answered before I go?
Do I even want answers to my questions?