The tradition I carry on is…
The tradition I carry on is helping save Historic Neir's Tavern that was established in 1829. I jumped in last minute to save one of the oldest community tavern's in the United States when it was 3 days from closing back in 2009. I had no restaurant experience & had a full time job. After arriving in America at 10 years old from Jamaica, a community of people helped me. Jumping in to save one of America's gems was my way to give back to the country and my community. After successes of keeping nyc's oldest bar open for over a decade more now, I owe everything to my philosophy of Empowered Contribution. Neir's Tavern is my Empowered Contribution. Now more than ever we all must make an Empowered Contribution for what you believe in to achieve more thriving local businesses in our community.
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