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To me, work means…
To me, work means play. I was nurtured in my love of art from the first time I held a pencil. I earned a BFA degree in Illustration from Syracuse University. When I moved to Coral Springs in the early 1970s, I painted murals in my own new home and was hired to do the same in my neighbors' homes. A mom in whose children's rooms I'd done murals was on the beautification committee of their school's PTA. She hired me to do murals there, and as administrators of other schools saw my work, they hired me. My career grew. I am now the most prolific of the district's mural vendors. I share a passion for providing a stimulating and attractive atmosphere for learning with the caring educators I work for. I am so blessed to be able to live my dream! Painting feels like fun to me, as natural and necessary as breathing.
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