I never expected…
I never expected to be where I'm at right at this very moment! I thought that by now I would be married and living the "family dream" and helping others. All my life I've always wanted to inspire others but felt I couldn't espacially since I got pregnant at 12 yrs old and again at 18. I became a dancer to help provide for my kids but that came at a cost. Eventually, I did get married, stop dancing and I belived that the best was to come since I was now out of dancing and a collage graduate. Instead, I got divorce about a yr ago, had to go back to dancing. But in a weird way I found myself! Because this "time off" has allowed me to really appreciate all I've done and come clean of what I do for living! I feel happy, proud, blessed to be able to love myself again and everything I've done in such a young age!
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