I never expected…
I never expected to be a widow! in 1973 I met a guy who I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with ... and I did. We had an incredible romance which lasted 42 years. We moved as my husband's career took shape. I gave up my career with each move but never resented doing so because I loved my husband. In August 2013 we moved to be closer to his siblings. Things started to change! I noticed he was shuffling and slurring his speech. I thought he was secretly drinking. Then he started to fall. September 2013 he was diagnosed with ALS. I went from being a retired professional to a caregiver. My new career required 24 hours of care as all of his muscles atrophied. I went from a gourmet cook to preparing feeding tube liquid. He died September 2015. I never expected to be a widow.