I was raised to believe…
I was raised to believe
I was raised to believe in unity. Each and every sign reminds me of our Single Loving Creator who designed us to fall in love with Him. We can find Him in our work, in the world around us, and especially in giving to those who may need it. When we can't give money, we give time, when we can't give time, we give a good word, and when we can't give a good word, we give a smile. Giving will guide us to the truth. No matter where we started we'll all journey back towards the One Most Loving God together.
America is the land of hope and unity, so let's never give up on life, on love, and on God
As a PhD student in biomedical engineering and as a Muslim in America, I believe there is unity in the path of science and path of religion. I have hope we will all come together one day in peace.
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