My life right now…
My life right now is content. But I learned, after bringing home my first rescue dog, that love isn't always enough. I assumed I could simply love her into becoming the perfect family pet. I was wrong. Dolly was abandoned and neglected, and looked more like Dobby the Harry Potter house elf than a beagle mix. During our time together, Dolly healed physically, but needed more than I could give to heal internally. She couldn't be left alone and refused to share me with anyone else, including my husband. She barked and growled at him in my presence, but then dozed peacefully with him at night, leaving me to sleep undisturbed and alone. We tried for 6 months, without progress. Happily, we found her a new family who adores her and can give her the life she deserves. But I will always miss that little house elf.