The tradition I carry on is…
The tradition I carry on is that of the painter. I teach a group of artists in rural Michigan. Spring of 2020 found them studying, with dedication until the pandemic. As lock down restrictions were lifted, I got the idea to take the group to an amazing place called Russ Forest. We had to cart our own tables, chairs, and water, but instead of it being a hardship it turned out to be a wonderful blessing. Everyone blossomed in the old forest by the Dowagiac Creek. Working surrounded by the beauty of nature, was incredibly inspiring. One of the students, named Janice, said that it brought her closer to God. We even had an art exhibition in the gazebo. Currently the group is again working online. But we will be back, next to the creek, soon! That’s me, with the dark red hair, peeking in from the side.
Fun, Faith, Community