I was raised to believe…
I was raised to believe that you should return and say thanks to those who were a blessing in your life. On Jan. 10, 2007 ENEWSPARKFOREST, by Gary K. featured its first human interest story written by Gary himself. 'The Bonsai Creations of Mark R.' interview was presented with photos of the Chinese House and Mark R. seated with his invented artificial bonsai trees. Thanks Gary. Oct. 2017 at Vanderbilt Univ. (Nashville, Tn.) Sarrartt Gallery, curator David H. selected 13 Silent (true-to-life realism) Bonsai, for a duo exhibit: “Tranquility.” Thanks David. Although no longer published, Bonsai Banter, a global newsletter by Bonsai Mary M., featured my bonsai in several issues. Thanks Mary. Jan. 26, 2020 Daily Southtown article by Ted S. Thanks Ted. Tall Grass Art postcard. Thanks Roger P. View 5 photos
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